Trigger doing something weird, think it's a setting issue? /and, "clicks" still not working if any ideas...

Sep 03, 2021

(sorry if this is replicated, I had just lost internet and don't know if this posted)

Hi, I'm having a trigger issue I can't seem to resolve, and am wondering if it's some type of settings issue?  

For my menu/objectives page, I have a series of tabs that link to sections of the lesson, with the last tab not appearing until the lesson is completed, to do the review/quiz.  

For this to happen, I have a trigger for the last tab to appear with the condition of the other tabs all having changed status as having been viewed.

My problem:  this works fine, but ONLY if the tabs are clicked in REVERSE order from the menu page.  If they are clicked in the correct descending order, or out of order, then when the lesson is done and you return to the menu/objectives slide, the review/quiz tab does not show.

I can't seem to find anything in the help guide on fixing this, any thoughts?  thinking there's a setting somewhere for this I can't find?


ps - this is the SAME slide where I can't get the buckle clip sounds to work, so any ideas for that are also welcome.  Had been recommended I move the sound clip to the top of the list but doing that hasn't fixed it, unless it has something to do with me using states vs. layers?


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David Schwartz

Turns out I was only hearing it when I previewed the objectives screen alone. I think the jump to the new screen happens before the audio can play. But you could add the click at the very start of the screens you are jumping to from the objectives screen. It is slightly delayed, but works.


Joe Moorman

THanks David, you wouldn't believe how helpful you were - I finally figured out what my problem was - when I was selecting images for triggers and using the dropdown lists, I didn't realise that in some cases, both the images from the main layer AND the review layer were listed.  I was just using the "red boxes" over the images to know what to select and didn't notice that in some cases I was selecting image choices from one layer vs. the other.

Deleted alot of the triggers and have redone now carefully, and seems to be working.

As far as the click sound, I had that in another post - it was first suggested I change the trigger order which I tried but it didn't fix; then, like you, someone else suggested I put the sound in the connecting slide.  I was hesitant to do that as I have "faded" transitions between slides to soften the module which made the delay a little more noticeable.  It was good you pointed out, however, that the sound worked when just previewing the single slide - I hadn't noticed that!  I may play around with the timeline, then, to see if there's a way they would work that way.  If not, looks like I either forego the sound or do as you suggest and put at the start of the second slide.

Main thing to fix was the trigger issue and you helped me discover what I was doing, which will also help me on other projects.

Thanks, too, for your kind words on the module - it's my first attempt in Articulate, and still finishing it off before showing to anyone in the office.

have a good one!