Trigger Quandary

Newbie Rick here!  I cannot bend the triggers to do my bidding.  Help!

I want to create a navigation scheme using hidden arrows that link to different slides for a search simulation.

Please see that attached:

  • On the first screen I have an arrow with initial state as "hidden."
  • I have a trigger set up to change the arrow state to "normal" when the user hovers the mouse over it.
  • I also have a trigger that will jump to the second slide when the user clicks on the arrow.

Problem: When Previewing or Publishing, the navigation arrow does NOT appear (normal) when the mouse hovers over it.

What ignorance should this newbie be dreadfully embarrassed not knowing about?



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Steve Flowers

Hi Rick,

A hidden object can't receive events. In fact, triggers attached to a hidden object can't trigger until the object is shown. For example, if you attach triggers to a shape that execute when the timeline of the shape starts, the trigger won't execute until the object is shown. That means if the object isn't shown on the timeline or is hidden, that trigger will never fire. This behavior opens up possibilities 

If you use a hotspot or transparent shape overlaid on top of your arrow, or make the normal state a transparent shape the same size as your arrow, it should work.