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Dec 02, 2020

Hi and thanks in advance for your help.

I have a Pick One quiz question where the learner has to correctly fill in a bunch of blanks.  I have a button which triggers to "selected" if they get all the answers right, and the question registers as "correct" if the button is selected when they click submit on the player.


I also created a "submit" button to submit the Pick one, but because all the logic looking at their responses is in the player, and the submit button is before those triggers, when clicking the button the quiz says "you. must answer the question before submitting."  In other words, it's not seeing the user input because it's executing before the logic in the player that looks at the user's answers.  


Any idea how to make the submit button work?


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Jeff Forrer


  1. Submit button - You have two, the default one and the one you made (Button 3).  Change your triggers all to when click on Button 3 vs submit (the default one).  Then remove the default submit button by clicking the gear icon lower right, and uncheck "Submit".
  2. Change your trigger order for Button 3 so that the Submit Pick One 1 when user clicks Button 3 comes after your correct and wrong triggers.
Jeff Forrer

Hello, I attached the file here.  Sometimes the trigger window gets buggy where triggers won't allow reorder.  You may be able to drag and drop it to where you want it.  Hopefully this file keeps the order the way you would like.  

Also, I labeled the buttons with meaningful names, i.e. submit_btn, vs. Button 3, it helps a lot to label items on the timeline so when you need to debug you can see what triggers are doing what easier.

Good luck!