Trigger quiz radio button to turn green if correct and red if wron

Sep 17, 2014

In a multiple choice quiz,

Is there a way to trigger the selected radio button to turn green if correct and red if wrong?

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Kevin Thorn

Hi XAn,

  • Select each radio button object and edit it's states. Add two new states named "correct" and "incorrect". Change the radio fill to color of choice.

Correct feedback layer:

  • On the Correct layer, set a trigger to change the correct radio button to the new "correct" state when the timeline starts. 
  • If the learner chose correctly, their choice will change to green.
Incorrect feedback layer:
  • Change the correct radio button to "correct" (to show immediate visual feedback). Same trigger as above.
  • Add triggers that change the state of each of the incorrect radio buttons to "incorrect" if they were selected. Ex: Change the state of [Radio Button 1] to "incorrect" when the timeline starts IF [Radio Button 1] is equal to "selected" 

That should work.

Kevin Thorn

Currently, the default radio buttons either in a Quiz template or inserting them by going to the Insert tab > Buttons > Radio Buttons are all standard in design. There are quite a few changes to the colors and styles though.

You can create custom buttons as well. Just build out your base shape/style, add the appropriate states including what it looks like when Selected. 

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