trigger submit answers and layer also condition not submit all questions

Hi, I don't understand what I am doing wrong. Some where my condiotns are not right or the layer or the trigger. Please help.

Things I would like:

scene 1 (Uitleg)explanation, put in your name, comes back at the result sheet.

scene 2 (examenvragen) 20 questions, next prev and submit, so the student can change answers or look up in the lessons.

check and result (uitslag/einde examen), alarm if student forget to submit all questions, when submit all questions result slide, so student can send an email to me (that i know someone finishes his course and can check if he succeeded).


There might be different options. But for me it is still a miracle how.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Patricia!

Great questions :)

You can certainly set up your course to submit all the questions at once. Check out this tutorial for details.

I'm not clear on where you'd like the user to input their name, but you can accomplish this setup by following our tutorial on variable references to pull that name.

I think that covers your questions. Let us know if you need anything further.