Trigger to jump to slide in menu only works once

Feb 24, 2016

Before I pull all my hair out...

I have several menus with triggers on the text box to jump to a slide in the course. For SOME ITEMS only, it works the first time you click, but if you return to the menu it doesn't. For some it's fine.

Example (extract) attached.

In "Decollage", item "Les 10 commandements..." works fine, you can click many times on it and it brings you to the correct slide. Item "Faisons le point 1/3" works only once. 

I thought they were overlapping maybe, so I moved them, but to no avail.

Any light out there?

Thank you in advance.


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Walt Hamilton


I have a scroll mouse, and I clicked on the storyview pane, held down the CTRL key and moved the scroll wheel. This increases or decreased the zoom.

I can click on 10 commandments, or point 1/3 multiple times and go the slide. See attached video #1.

Maybe it will help to expand the Scene. See Video #2, where I right clicked to bring up the context menu.

Walt Hamilton

Sorry, I didn't read very well.

Here's what I found: If I set Slide le point 3 to reset to initial state when visited, it works.

I think that when you click on decollage, it doesn't go to another slide, it only brings up a layer on that slide.  When you click on le point 3,  it automatically decides to show the layer that is visible (decollage), and you can't tell that you have actually gone to le point 3. My theory is that that doesn't happen on les 10 commandments because it does not have layers of its own, so you see the base slide. Le point 3 has layers of its own, so the automatic decision opts to show a layer, and picks the last one shown (decollage).

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