Trigger works only on slide preview

Jan 07, 2015

Hi everybody.

I've set up a trigger to make a sound play when the user clicks a button. Four of five slides in the scene have this trigger.

The trigger works beautifully when I preview the slides individually, but when I preview the scene or publish the file, the triggers don't work.



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Vicki

have had a play and I can't get it to work either.  It's interesting that it shows up in the timeline as recorded as opposed to the other audio that is working shows up as a sound wave.

I tried copying and pasting from the last slide where it is working to the other slides but that didn't work either.

I even created a new file and imported your slides in - that didn't work either.

Have you tried deleting and re-adding the original audio clip to each slide?

Sorry I couldn't be more help

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vicki,

Look at your trigger order - it's set to jump to the next slide when the user clicks, so the audio  never has a chance to play. If you adjust that using the up and down carrots - you'll want the play media trigger first. 

Also, here is how triggers will execute - and you can always get our team here in the forums (we read through all posts, so it may be a bit!) or connect with our support team. 

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