Triggering a change in audio volume

Nov 08, 2016

I have an MP3 audio track over a screencast on one of my slides, and at a specific point a few seconds of video are shown in the screencast. I'd like to lower the MP3 audio track to a very low level so the audio of the video can be clearly heard, then raise it back to normal volume when the video element finishes.

I know I can pause and restart the audio track based on timeline/markers, but this is quite abrupt, and I think a reduction in volume would work much better.

Can anyone tell me if this is possible, and if so how?



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Duncan,

Is the fading effect you're wanting "time" based, meaning that it happens at the same time each time the slide plays, no matter what the user does on the slide? If so, you may consider using an audio editor to achieve this - this forum thread should start you in the right direction.

I'm sure other folks in the community will have tips to share, as well!

Duncan MacIver

Thanks Sandra, that was useful and it solves my problem in part. Would be nice if I could automatically fade it out in the editor, without having to fiddle with lots of mini volume reductions to make the effect though.

I don't want to alter the original audio file, Alyssa, as this would have to be completely redone every time I made a slight alteration to the timeline of my slide. Ideally I'd rather set a trigger that fades the volume to +/-X% when run. Maybe something for a future update. :)

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