Volume difference between audio und video clip

I (using Storyline 360) have a problem with the video volume. When I import a video (mp4), it plays louder than if I imported the audio file of the video directly. The problem now is that the videos have a different volume than the audios, which leads to unattractive side effects. I created the videos myself and placed the audio track 1:1 under the video without any subsequent changes. For example, if I play the video in PowerPoint and then the audio file, I have NO volume differences.

What can I do so that SL360 doesn't make differences in volume anymore?

I can repeat it with any storyline file, the error occurs again and again.


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Stefan!

Haven't we all had to yank out a headphone while viewing a course like this? I'm more than happy to help eliminate that type of situation!

It sounds like the way audio is handled in different between Storyline 360 and wherever the video was created! Not to worry, we have a fix for those types of instances.

In the "Audio Editor," you can lower the volume or increase the volume by percentage. This will help ensure the audio volume is seamless throughout the entire course no matter which audio is playing. I've created a quick look at how to make this change in Storyline 360.

Stefan K.

Hi Lauren,

thanks for your reply. I know that I can adjust the volume via the "Audio Editor". But this can't be the solution for my problem. I can explain why:

1) I have a big course (over 35 screens), so it's not a good solution to adjust all the audio files. And I will have more big courses in the future, so I really prefer a permanent solution.

2) Even if I adjust the volume, I can never do it so accurately that no differences are audible. I tried something similar at a course about a year ago, and I did a great job. 

So the real questions are:

  • What is SL doing when importing a video? What kind of conversion is taking place?
  • What is the requirement that SL will not adjust the volume of a video? Mabye along with the tool "handbrake" you recommended to me some time ago?

I really want to use SL for further elearnings but this type of issue have to be solved...

I'm locking forward to work with you Lauren (and your Team) on this case.


Lauren Connelly

Hi Stefan!

Have you tried uncompressing the audio? In October, we released this feature in Storyline 360! 

By default, Storyline will compress the audio to reduce the file size but this is now customizable. In the update, we also implemented stereo sound and a higher sample rate. 

Let me know if you're on Update 34 and still seeing these issues!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Stefan!

Which program are you using to edit the videos before importing it into Storyline 360?

It would be best to work with our Support Engineers so we can dig into the specifics of why/when this is happening.

You can begin troubleshooting with our team by using this link. I'll be following along to see how the case progresses!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Stefan,

Happy to help you out and open the case! You should see a notification email shortly and someone from our team will be in touch shortly.

In that initial notification email, there's a URL where you can upload your project file - if you're able to share that asap that'll help the team dive into troubleshooting and testing! We'll delete your file once we're done testing. 

Huan Vu

Why is Storyline's general volume setting (lower left corner) set to around 80% from the beginning? Why not 100%?

And when importing audio or video files, standard setting is "Medium". Setting them to "High" seems to do the same like going to 100% volume, so that's why we try to remember setting all files to "High".

It would be great if Storyline would allow users to define both - the general volume of the project at the start as well as standard volume settings for imported files.

Before the big core update early this year it was possible to set the general volume to 100% with Javascript, but that's not working anymore.

Here is a new method: