Triggering Different States With Free-Form Questions

Aug 14, 2012

I am making a puzzle using the free form quizzing option. I made a box for my puzzle pieces to appear in. The box is a little small and my pictures do not really fit in the box. Is there any way for the puzzle pieces (pictures) to appear and fit in the box, but when the user drags it out of the box it goes to normal size? Also, is the reverse possible. If they put it back in the box, can it go to the smaller size?

I hope this is not to hard to understand.

Here is a screenshot:

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Kevin Thorn

Hey Joshua,

Looks like a fun puzzle!

I'm assuming you have the drag items (puzzle pieces) appear one at a time in your Free Form drag-n-drop. Unfortunately, Storyline doesn't have any dynamic control over the size or even resizing of images as they appear on screen.

An alternative to your design would be to chunk up your puzzle pieces into smaller sizes. Take your main image and splice it into equal shapes. Then readjust your drag items according to an equal amount of drop targets. Finally, stack all your puzzle pieces (drag items) in the space where you want them to reveal one at a time. For even more challenging fun, shuffle them so they don't all appear in the same order.

Good luck!

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