Sep 08, 2021


I am trying to create triggers within a trigger.  I am trying to go from the base layer to another layer and then create additional triggers.  I then want to go back to the base layer and create more triggers after clicking on other buttons.  
Please let me know if this is possible.  
Also, please see attached interaction.  Example - I am starting with the base layer, clicking on Buying Centers button, creating triggers for two buttons within Buying Center, and then want to go back to the base layer to click on the other three buttons. 
Thank you!

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Tom Kuhlmann

I'm not quite sure what you're wanting to do. However, looking at your file there are a few pointers:

  • if an object has a visited state (like your buttons) you don't need to create a trigger to change state to visited because that's what a visited state is. Storyline changes the state automatically.
  • to go back to the base layer, all you need is a trigger to hide the layer, you can add that to any of the buttons
  • keep in mind that base layer objects are visible on all layers unless they're covered up;
    • you can make base layer objects hidden if you go to the timeline while in the layer, at the bottom you can expand and show base layer objects and select them to be hidden or visible;
    • you can also open the layer properties and select hide the base layer objects (which is what you have done, I believe)
Valencia Scott


I just wanted to follow up and let you know I was not able to get it to work as expected.  I resorted back to just building four layers from the base layer (see attached).  I was trying to build four layers from the base layer and then build layers from each of those individual four layers.  Hope this makes sense.

I am not sure if this is possible, but if it is I will get it to work sooner or later. 

Thank you!

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Tom Kuhlmann

Layers can't have layers. Essentially the base layer is like the foundation and the other layers sit on top. I like to think of them like those old anatomy books where you had transparent pages that sat on top of the skeleton. One had the digestive system, another the respiratory.

While layers can't have layers, you can have multiple layers open to create the effect you want. It's just a matter of thinking through the triggers and when you want to show and hide layers.