Triggers and home slide problem

Nov 19, 2014

I created a Storyline scene that I've added icons to the home slide. I've created triggers so that if a learner clicks an icon it takes them to a slide in the scene. When I preview the scene, it does not start on the home slide but rather on one of the slides. I think I might have also deleted the player triggers - they seem to have disappeared.  How do I set it up so that the home slide is the main landing page when the player opens?  how do i add the player triggers back?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lydia, 

If you've removed the player trigger such as "jump to next slide when the user clicks the next button" there are a couple things you could do. 

You could go into the slide properties setting and choose to remove the previous/next button - and the trigger (if it still existed) would be removed, but once you do that - you can go back into the slide properties and check off to include the previous/next button and  you'll see the trigger reappear. 

You could also manually add it back into one slide, and then copy that trigger and apply it to other slides. You'll have to do that slide by slide though - and it's easiest to do while in story view as you can just click from slide to slide. 

If you're still having difficulty please let us know! 

Lydia Frass

Hi Ashley!  

That worked - I unchecked/checked the previous/next button options on the slide properties and now the player triggers are back!

I also deleted all of the triggers I added to clean things up and start over; thought I'd ask for advice.

I want learners to be able to navigate within the course in any order they want from the main landing slide. I want them to open the course and go to a landing page (the home page) and be able to click on icons. This will then open the slide content. I know I need to add triggers (Jump to slide, X, when user clicks on icon).

One problem I had previously was when I added the triggers. When I previewed the entire scene, it would open a random slide as the landing page (home page) - instead of the main slide with the icons.  Is there another trigger I need to add to start on the home page?   Does this make sense?

Thanks for your help.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lydia,

Did you see Wendy's answer above about setting it as the starting scene? The first slide in that scene will be where the course starts when you preview or publish it. Without seeing your set up - it's hard to imagine how Storyline is choosing a "random" slide to begin with though. If you'd like to share a copy of the project here we'll be happy to take a look! 


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