Triggers and Layers

Oct 16, 2012

Hi all, I already went through the tutorial "adding and editing triggers" and I did the exercise and it went all well. My issue with the trigers though is that once i have clicked on the button (in base layer), and I am in the new layer, I cant go back to the base layer; I tried to add a trigger on the each of the layers (layer 1 & 2) to go back to the Base layer, but there wasn't an option to jump to the base layer. I also tried by adding a trigger in each layer (1 & 2) to jump to the slide when the students click on the "previous" button, but as soon as I created it in layer 1 and 2, it didn't stayed there, and instead that trigger moved to the base layer :S

This is basically what I have:

Base layer: button 1 and button 2 (they take you to layer 1 and layer 2) This function works

* if I click to any of the buttons they will take me to the corresponding layer. But once in that layer, I cant go back to the base layer, where my "menu" is, (In the triggers section there is not a possibility to jump to the base layer) So once I am in the layer with the info, if I click Previous, it will take me to the previous slide. 

What should I do?

I hope I explained my issue good enough to be understood. I am uploading a copy of my file tho. 

The slide I referred to is called: Issues with Buttons and is located in Scene 2 "prototype". I appreciate so much your help. 


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