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Sep 16, 2013

Posted Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 1:15 PM

Hi all,

I am able to create triggers onthe base layer to takethe learnerto my individual layers (layer 1 & 2), however, my issueis that once on the new layer, If the user clicks the NEXT button, it takes them to the NEXT slide in the presentationand bypasses the other triggers (information) on the base layer.

Itried adding a triggeron each layer (1 & 2) to jump to the base layer slide when the learner clicks on the "NEXT" button, but it doesn't stay on the layer, it is saved on the base layer instead. I have a CLOSE trigger on layer 1 and 2 that brings them back to the base layer by HIDING the layer, however, if the learner simply clicks the "NEXT" buttonbecasue of habit, they are missing the other information.

This is basically what I have:

Base layer:Hotspot 1 andHotspot 2 (they take you to layer 1 and layer 2) This function works.

What I'm trying to do is DISABLE the NEXT button within Layer 1 and 2 OR if thelearner clicks "NEXT" it takesthe learnerback to the BASE layer to click the next trigger. If the user clicks NEXT on the base layer, THEN and only THEN should it jump to the next slide.

What should I do? Is this possible?

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Michael Hinze

Hi Kelly, here is what I did:

1. Created a custom True/False variable called 'LayerActive' (here is some info on variables)

2. Added a trigger on each layer that sets the variable to True when the timeline starts

3. Added a trigger to the hotspot and 'Multiple' symbols on each layer that sets the variable to False when clicked ands placed these triggers before the one that hides the layer

4. Edited the JumpToNextSlide trigger on the baselayer to include the condition that the Next button only jumps to the next slide if the variable is False (meaning no layer is currently being displayed.)

Hope that makes sense.

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