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Jun 10, 2015

I'm new to Storyline, thus the nature of my questions.

1. do triggers have to be in chronological order, especially those affecting a single object? For example, can trigger 1 say, change the state of an object to normal when... and the 2nd saying change the state of the same  object to hidden when the timeline starts?  In that case, is there a way to move triggers up and down in the list of triggers?


2 .Confusing for me. I have a marker (question mark) that contains text when I click on it. In the states function, I added a second state, hidden. In the triggers I added a trigger that says to change the state of that marker to hidden when the timeline starts (sounds redundant to me) b/c it was not hidden if I didn't add that trigger and then added another trigger that says to change the  state from hidden to normal when it reaches a certain cue. Is there a precedence in the sense that a "state" state takes precedence over a trigger or V-V?


Thank you.


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Terry Coe


As for question one, there isnt an order that needs to be followed when it comes to triggers, in fact, the triggers will order themselvles based on the objects. This was something that I had to adjust to as well, mainly because of my computer networking experience. (The start general and progress towards more specific method is required.)

For question 2, you should change the initial state to hidden, instead of changing the state to hidden once the timeline starts. Then change the state to normal once it reaches a cuepoint, otherwise the image will stutter onto the screen before it disappears. Another way to do that is to adjust when the image appears on the timeline, that way you dont need the hidden state at all.

Hope I Helped!

Peter Vajda

Thanks so much for taking the time, Terry.

Another way to do that is to adjust when the image appears on the timeline, that way you dont need the hidden state at all.

So, if I understand, if I have a marker I want the learner to click on at, say, 25 seconds, just I start that (object) marker at 25 seconds, rather than create the cue and a trigger that sets it to start ("when the timeline  reaches...). Yes?

Thanks again.


Peter Vajda

Thanks Terry, me, too! :-

Speaking of animation (I'm much better with PPT) I have a first side with a title that follows a short (2 sec) motion path down. On another layer, I have a graphic (someone with binoculars) that fades in and is supposed to move down to bottom right. I'm using the animation option but the graphic does not fade in nor does it move slowly down right. It's a quick jolt. Thoughts?


Peter Vajda

I am getting assistance, Leslie, and very grateful for it. I was told how wonderfully supportive this community is, and I'm experiencing this.

As for still learning, I'm  a lifelong leaner and Storyline is another chapter on the journey. I have lots of questions and challenges with and about it and I'll be back here very soon Stay tuned.  :-)

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