Triggers and Video Inserted from Web

Apr 25, 2016

I would like to be able to pause & restart a web video on the base layer from another layer (feedback to the question). I have added a Pause Media trigger to the submit button on the base layer but this seems to have no effect.

I want to be able to pause video when submit button is clicked. This is to prevent the audio on the feedback layer playing at the same time as the video.

I can control embedded audio on Feedback layer with (rather ugly) buttons


And as attached

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CarLea Sanchez-Agato

Hi Niall,

There was a similar discussion here on this topic a while ago, and it has been explained that it is not possible to control a website video using media actions because it is being pulled from the website. If you want the users to control the video, then it will have to be done through the video playbar so you will have to make sure this is enabled.

It was suggested to use a screen recording of the video from the website, but you have to make sure you are allowed to make this copy.

Alternatively, you can use the web video, but you can separate the feedback and video screens so that the audio and video do not overlap.

I hope this helps.


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