If I add a button with a trigger onto a slide, I can CTRL+ A all of the slides and paste the button and the trigger will copy fine. If I amend a trigger, and try the same thing, this doesn't work. Also if I add a new trigger and try to copy that, it doesn't copy to all slides either. Is there a quick way to copy a trigger onto all my slides, or If I have to go back and amend, do I need to add the triggers separately onto each slide?



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Walt Hamilton

It depends on what the new trigger is attached to. If the trigger is attached to an object (say, a text box), you can only copy it to a new location if that location has a text box to attach it to. If you edit a trigger attached to a button, and it refers to an object that doesn't exist on the new slide, it won't copy.  There are so many variables involved here, that it would help to see your file and exactly what you are trying to accomplish.