Triggers- How many are possible?


I have a question about triggers.

I have a map on a slide that has a path that users have to follow with the numbers 1-7.  When users click each number they will be taken to that topic and then back to the map to select the next topic (or number).  

Each number is in an oval shape and has several triggers- 

1. Change the state of the oval to disabled when clicked

2.  Change the state of a rectangle to visited when clicked (this an arrow showing their progression, so every time the user completes a topic the arrow is partially filled with this rectangle)

3. Jump to slide - when clicked

4. Show a layer when hovered (this shows the topic name they are selecting)

The first 3 work but when I add the 4th trigger and preview it only the hovering one works.

Is there an order that the triggers should be?  Is there a limit to the number of triggers per object?

Thanks for all your help always and all the useful information!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Melissa,

It sounds like the Jump to Slide trigger might be causing the issue here. Yes, the order of triggers is the important part here. You should be able to add as many triggers as you'd like, but you need to make sure they're arranged properly. 

If you'd like to post your .story file here, I'd be happy to take a look.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Melissa!

Thanks very much for the file. I think I've found the issue here. For the first oval "1", the "Jump to" trigger needs to be moved up. After doing this, it opens the next slide "1.3" tabs. However, I spotted another issue with the following ovals. The triggers that you have assigned to them are on the main layer, not the layer provided on hover. 

So, basically, the user hovers over the oval, but the jump to trigger doesn't know to fire, because it's not on this layer, it's back on the main layer that's been left behind. 

So, you'll need to place the triggers for the objects on the layers that are being shown after the object has changed to the hover state.

I hope this makes sense I'll attach a modified version for you, so you can see what I did to make this work. I made the changes to the ovals 1, 2 and 3.