Triggers In Layers - Having a problem

Jun 06, 2018

Hi - I'm building a course with the standard tab template.  My client wants the user to have an option to click the tabs themselves, or just automatically advance through them as they click the next button.

I've tried adding triggers (show layer "Tab A" when the user clicks "next"), but as soon as I add the final, go to next slide, trigger - it invalidates all my triggers and the first time you click "next" it goes to the next slide.

They want this to work similar to an Engage interaction in Presenter.  Any ideas of how to link the trigger to the Tab, instead of having the triggers be standalone?  

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Angie Harsh

Thank you.

I've attached the project I'm working on, trying your logic as I understood it.  Now I'm running into the challenge of the state not changing to visited, or selected, just by viewing the layer.  

I have searched for awhile to find a solution on my own but no luck.

Any ideas?  

Alyssa Gomez

You almost had it, Angie! You were just missing one trigger. 

On each tab layer, you'll want to add this trigger: Change state of Tab A to Visited when timeline starts on Layer A. I added that trigger to each tab layer, and now it's working perfectly. 

Take a look at the live demo here. 

I hope that's what you were looking for!

Angie Harsh

Hi Alyssa,

For some reason your demo works perfectly - but when I open your attached file on my machine it makes all tabs visited when I click next the first time.  I'm guessing I have a bug and need to reload my software.  Before I do that, can  you make sure you uploaded the updated file?

Thank you!

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