Triggers in Master

I'm creating a custom progress bar based on variables that change the state of the progress bar graphic.  I put it on the master slide and works fine....  except on HTML 5.  I found this:

Which explains why, anyone find another work around that is not pasting the progress bar and code on every single page?

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Gregory Moore

One of the problems doing that is that this progress bar has 25 states, and the 25 different triggers that act on it.  With big courses ( and multiple courses) and the progress bar on every page, this is a very labor intensive and introduces many points for errors.  When it is on master layouts I can better edit it across many pages at once.  The current project I'm working on is that this will be a template for about 13 courses.

As I type this out I was thinking about just embedding a web object that just reads the variables in story line to do the same thing?