Jan 06, 2013


I just downloaded update 2 for Articulate Storyline and now all my selectable objects do not respond when inside the scrollbar on the iPad!!!!  They all worked fine before the update.  PLEASE FIX THIS!!  They work if you DON'T scroll down, but once you scroll down, the triggers are all completely scewed when you try to click them on the iPad.  You can select objects when scrolled at the top, but the user must be able to click things when scrolled at various places.

How do I fix this??  It is absolutely necessary that I keep everything within the scrollbar and it MUST work on the iPad.

Thank you,


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Christine Hendrickson

Just wanted to update this thread for anyone else that experiences this issue. It appears to be an issue with Update 2 and our Quality Assurance team is currently working to resolve this problem. For now, the solution is to publish using Update 1. 

I will try to keep an eye on the status of this issue and update this thread when possible.

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