Triggers not transferring when copying layer

Oct 10, 2016

Normally when copying a layer from one slide to another all the triggers (slide and object) are copied along with no problems. 

I'm now trying to copy a layer with a large number of triggers and when I do the triggers become unassigned. I've attached two images as examples.

Has any one else experienced this issue and if so do you have a solution?

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Zoe Faulder

I figured this one out. 

The layer I was copying was originally a base layer that I duplicated. In duplicating all the object names changed slightly (a 1 added to the end) and I could not change the names back. This change meant that the triggers wouldn't transfer.Unfortunately I could not reassign the objects while the layer was on the same slide as the original base layer. 

I had to copy the layer with the unassigned triggers and re-assign each one in turn. It was a bit time consuming but I can now copy this new version of the slide with no issue; all the triggers are properly assigned in the copies. Since I need to copy it about 60 times I don't mind the little bit of extra work. 

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