Triggers Not Working-What am I missing?

May 18, 2023


I'm playing around with sliders for fun and I want the month on the calendar to change along with the amount when the slider reaches a certain point. I added new states to the "calendar month," but it will not change according to the trigger.  It seems to jump all over the place!

What am I missing? I attached the file if you have time to review it.

Thank you!


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Kandice,

One of the best (read: least problematic) way to use a This-If-Else trigger is to have it perform different actions on the same object. For example, change an object to state1 if the condition is met, else change the object to state2. 

You've got triggers that adjust the Money value based on the Slider value with "else" being to set the state of the Calendar Month:

Also, each condition is equal a given value. But the slider has 5 possible values, so the condition won't be met during the four other values.

Here's what that means: Every time the slider moves and it isn't at value 2, the program will change the Month to April 23. But if the slider value also isn't 3, the program will change the Month to July 23. So those two state changes will happen (in order) every time the slider moves to 1, 4, or 5 (so quickly that you won't even see it go to April). And one state change will happen when the slider moves to 2 or 3. 

The solution: use separate triggers to control the Money value and the Calendar Month. Those triggers can still use a condition based on the slider value. 

Does that explanation make sense?

Judy Nollet

I'm glad it made sense. 

I will add this clarification: A This-If-Else trigger also works well to act on different objects based on two-sided conditions

For example, suppose you have a T/F variable. A trigger might change the state of one object if the variable=True, else change the state of another object. 

  • Before the "Else" option was added to triggers, that would require two separate triggers: one for what happens when the True condition is met, and one for what happens when the False condition is met.

Bottom line: A This-If-Else trigger chooses between two actions based on whether the list of conditions is or isn't  met.