Triggers not working with resume state

May 20, 2015

Hi all,

My main slide has 5 icons, all of which have a visited state which occurs automatically when clicked (storyline standard state).

I have set a text box on this main slide to hidden so it will only show when all 5 icons have the state of visited. This works if I preview this slide only, but when I view the whole show, and come back to the main slide with all 5 slides visited, the text box doesn't show. Is this because 'resume saved state' is showing the last state it had when the last of the 5 icons was clicked?


Help - it's driving me nuts!



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Mike - I agree with Wendy. Please make sure you are working locally as described here, and you may want to try importing the file into a new file. If you are still having issues, you might want to try to repair Storyline. Also, could you please ensure that you are utilizing the most recent SL2 Update? Info on Update 5 can be found here

Mike Smith

Hi Wendy,

I have tried what you said but the timeline was set okay for the new objects and I tried saving it again onto my C-drive as a new file - but it did not resolve the issue.

I also tried Christie's suggestions: I am on the newest S2 version, and the repair did not work either.

I have attached a cut-down version of the file so you can see that it works in slide view but not if I view the entire project, click each link then go back to the home page and all icons show visited but the trigger doesn't fire.

Hope this might help?



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