Triggers- please help


I am only new here and I'm playing around with the Storyline. I was wondering if you could help me to set up the triggers to achieve the below. 

There is a main screen with 3 sections - 1 of them is in normal state and 2 of them are disabled when the timeline starts. 

User clicks on the normal section 1 and jumps to a slide 'A'. User clicks next and is brought back to the main screen. This time section 1 is visited, section 2 is normal and section 3 is disabled. 

User clicks on the normal section 2 and jumps to a slide 'B'. User clicks next and is brought back to the main screen. Sections 1 and 2 are visited, section 3 is normal. 

User clicks on the normal section 3 and jumps to slide 'C'. User clicks next and is brought to the main screen where all the sections are visited. 

I started with setting up the triggers to have sections 2 and 3 disabled at the beginning of the timeline but then when user visits slide 'A' and comes back to the main screen, the section 2 is still disabled. I guess I need to change something here? 

Thanks for your understanding. 


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Carlos Manaloto

Hi Kasia, it is possible if another trigger was created where it will change the state of the object from Disabled to Normal. Using the settings Change State of object to normal state. And on the When select the state of, then the button that was visited and state to visited.  


This will make the object clickable after visiting a previous slide and going back to main slide.



Judy Nollet

Hi, Kasia,

You didn't say what triggers you're using to change the disabled Section buttons to normal when the user returns to the main screen, and you didn't upload the file. Thus, it's difficult to diagnose exactly what's going wrong in your file. However, here are some basic instructions for doing what you want to do:

  • Create 3 T/F variables, one for each section. Have the initial value be False (to represent that the user hasn't yet visited that section).
  • On the last slide of each section, create a trigger that changes the corresponding variable to True when the timeline ends.
  • On the main slide, add a trigger to change the state of the Section 2 button to Normal with the condition that the corresponding variable is True. And add a trigger to change the state of the Section 3 button to Normal when that variable is True. 
    • To ensure these triggers execute every time a user returns to this slide, have the slide "Reset to initial state" when revisiting. (Or, if there are animations you don't want to replay, put the triggers on a blank layer with the Layer Properties set to "Reset to initial state." Be sure to also include a trigger on the base to show that blank layer when its timeline starts.)
  • Bonus programming;
    • Disable the Next button when the timeline starts with the condition that any of the variables is False. 
    • Enable the Next button with the condition that all of the variables are True.

If you're not familiar with variables and conditions, I highly recommend that you check out Articulate's tutorials and user guides. They provide the real power in the program.