Triggers work on single slide preview - not when published


I'm hoping this is something easy I just haven't learned yet as a rookie user. I have a trigger set up to stop users from advancing slides until they have visited a series of layers by clicking on particular shapes. The example below shows what I'm working with. When users click Next, they see a layer telling them they need to review all the information on the page before continuing.

In fact, after I publish the course, the very first slide in the course that uses this trigger functions as desired. Subsequent slides with the exact same trigger setup do not function as intended. Users can click Next and proceed in the course without first clicking all the required shapes. When I preview the single slides that contain these triggers, they work flawlessly. Only when I preview the entire project or publish the course is where I run into these issues. Any suggestions? I hope I'm missing something obvious here. Thanks! Jake

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