Trouble formatting text entry field

I want to use text entry fields in a course I am developing but cannot figure out how to address two issues:

#1 - In editing mode, the text entry field is centered and takes up more or less the whole slide. But, when you preview it (or upload to review) it shows up left-aligned and shortened. If you go to enter text into it the text will spill off the right side as if the field takes up the whole screen. I have tried removing and re-adding it and noticed that it starts looking 'off' the moment I try to reformat the box's border (change color and weight)....but that doesn't seem like it should make a difference.

#2 - No matter what I do to the formatting of the variable reference where the text the learner entered shows up it (second slide) comes through tiny. 

File attached for reference. 

What am I missing?

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Ryan Crockett

Hi Grace,

After some fiddling, it looks like the border you have around the text entry box on the first slide is the issue. When I changed the border to a solid line, it displayed correctly. This may be a glitch.

On the second page, if you set the the property of the text box to either 'Do not autofit' or 'Shrink text on overflow' then make the text box so it pretty much fills up the left side of the screen, the text should display correctly. You may want to use the 'Shrink text on overflow' setting in case the learner writes a bunch, thus allowing their response to be visible regardless.

Hope this works for you!