Trouble playing online video or using available online video (web video) events

Jan 22, 2020


I'm reaching out after having spent a few hours playing and testing out possible solutions to the web video issues I've encountered when embedding video hosted on Vimeo in my Articulate Storyline 360 courses - I'm running the latest versions of everything and recommend that our staff use Chrome (which is what I use to test with).

Google has disabled autoplay, I get that and have read the various articles and issues people have been having in the E-Learning Heroes forums, so I get it. 

I haven't seen anyone have any issues with Vimeo, so I assume this isn't the issue.

My problem:

I wanted to play an embedded video on a layer when a learner clicked a play button.  I placed the embed object on a layer and had it trigger from a button on the base layer - easy.  It triggered but only showed the embedded video screen, despite the fact that I had a trigger action on the button that told the online video to play.  But, although there are trigger actions for online media, none of these seem to do anything and all I get is the embed message (I've published to SCORM Cloud and previewed locally with privacy setting on the video set to public but hidden)

A few dozen attempts and tweaks later and I found an example someone had shared where they "launched" the layer containing the web video embed object layer, without any actions to play the video.  So with my slide not working, with the exact setting he had, I imported his slide into my project. It worked, so I changed the embed code and now I can see the video - the embed code is gone, yes - but I still can't get the actions associated with the web/online video to change any button states.

* I haven't been able to get the web video to autoplay, or to even have it launch immediately when a button is clicked.
* The Conditions or events that appear to be available for online video don't appear to do anything.  

What am I missing?  Could an article be created to cover the ways to use and interact with embedded video beyond the basics of adding an object and inserting the embed code?  I get that we have much more control than we do in RISE, where I have spent most of my time over the last two or so years but it would be great to not have to learn the technicalities through trial and error.

Finally, although there are comments in various discussions about being able to launch video from a button / user initiated action this doesn't seem to be possible

I'd be interested to hear what others think or have tried.

Hope this helps someone.

Update - I can change the continue button state from disabled to normal on the web video layer if I use the when timeline ends condition. I have for now given up on trying to play the video without the learner having to click on it.


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Vincent Scoma

Hi Lionel, 

You have done quite a bit of troubleshooting here! I am happy to jump in and help.

Currently, some web browsers, such as Google Chrome and Safari, no longer allow audio and video content to autoplay. This article provides more details on those changes.

A workaround that might help is to use the setup you are describing:

  • Have a button on the Base Layer that reveals another layer with the video
  • Have that video set to autoplay when it is revealed

To accomplish this, you would need to add additional parameters to the embed code. As an example, adding ?autoplay=1 after the video ID will allow the video to autoplay when it is revealed. Here is an example of what that might look: 

<iframe src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Here is an example course that uses the above setup: Vimeo Autoplay

Please let us know if you have any questions! 

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