Trouble Publishing to Word

Apr 30, 2015

Hi Everyone, I am trying to publish a French Storyline project to Word but am getting an error message that says something like "There are too many grammatical errors to display" and Storyline does not create the document.

I can't guarantee that the doc is free of grammatical errors but I know there are not enough to make this happen.

Has anyone encountered this and is there something I need to do to get this doc to publish?

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Chris Roetzer

Leslie, this is quite an old thread but I just received this same Word error. I was wanting to publish Word output (not translation export) of a dual language course (English/French in a combined course, it's quite lengthy at 395 slides). SL created the output folder to the desktop and I received the SL Published completion screen. But the course output folder is empty and a Word error pop up is displayed as attached. I was thinking of trying to Open word and disabling all the review/spellcheck features perhaps but according to this related post (, that won't work. Allison though does suggest adding the foreign language to your Word language options. I'll try that.

Eva Biesel

Hi there,

I had the same problem with publishing to Word 2013 yesterday - tried again today after Storyline update - I run the publish to Word, it works and shows me the pop-up to open etc, but no document is saved in the folder  and when I try to open, nothing happens. This feature worked well some weeks ago. I have nothing with languages and there is nor error message.

Please help me - I must publish this storyline immediately.

Many thanks,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Eva,

Is Word open while you're trying to publish? If so, try closing Word and publishing again. Also, make sure you're publishing locally and following these other best practices. 

If you're still hitting that wall, don't hesitate to connect with our Support Team for some fast help (at the very least we can publish your file while figuring out where it's going wrong on your end!). 

Joseph Francis

I am having the EXACT same problem as Eva is, with Quizmaker 360 (which was just automatically updated last night). A ticket with example file has been submitted.

I click [Publish], select "Word" as the publishing format, and click [PUBLISH]. The dialog box appears, indicates it is publishing slide 1 of 55, and then it immediately closes. The COMPLETELY erroneous dialog box appears, claiming "Congratulations! 'Assessment' was published successfully." Clicking any of the buttons (EMAIL, FTP, ZIP, OPEN) elicits no response BECAUSE NO FILE WAS ACTUALLY CREATED!

Perhaps someone at Articulate can explain why the dialog box claims something which is so obviously inaccurate, including detailing what error-checking and file-validation processes are being executed to generate the "published successfully" message. Even something as a simple as:

' Assume That The File Is At "C:\What\File.txt"
If Dir("C:\What\File.txt") <> "" Then
     FileCopy "C:\What\File.txt", "C:\Where\File.txt"
     MsgBox "File Does Not Exist!"
End If

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joseph,

I didn't see a Support case using the email you used here in E-Learning Heroes - could you have submitted it with another email? If you got the email confirmation with the case number, that's the sign it went through correctly and if you can share that case number I'll follow along.

If you didn't see that email or confirmation page, let me know. I can open up a case for you! 

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