Trouble seeing learner responses to Essay questions

Apr 01, 2019

Hi and apologies if this is a banal question. I've still got my Learner Plates on. Made a test course in Storyline which was a straight Essay question (user can put in free text entry). I published it to Articulate Online, sent it to a test user and then tried to access a report that would let me see the free text entry made by my test user. Went to Reports and clicked on "Answer Breakdown" (and I also tried "Attempt Detail" with same result). In the report screen the box where you are to "Select the content for your report" is empty - my Test Course doesn't appear.

But if I try one of the other reports such as "Activity" then my Test Course does appear - so it's definitely there, just not letting me access any of the "Reports About Quiz and Survey Results". I assume I'm doing something wrong in the creation of the quiz and course whilst in Storyline - anyone have a suggestion on what I'm doing wrong?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Craig,

I'm seeing answers to an essay appear within my Articulate Online reports, so it's a good sign that feature is working. Have you included a results slide to track the course and how the learner answered? Did you confirm that the learners have visited the results slide prior to you running the report?

If so, and you're still having trouble, I'd suggest connecting with our Support Team directly so that they can take a look at your course and the reporting within your Articulate Online account.

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