Trouble with audio when doing a videocast in SL

Aug 14, 2012

Hi folks,

I am doing a screen simulation type of a course in SL. I am demonstrating how to use a website, and in this little tutorial I am launching a video that is on the website.

It records the video nicely, but does not record the audio from that video that plays clearly from the website. I am looking at the audio settings, and for the input of audio, it gives me choices for types of microphones, but nothing to choose when I just want it to record the audio from the system.

I've also looked in the little "gear" icon and deselected the microphone in hopes that it would record the system audio, but no luck doing that either.

Is what I'm trying to do possible? It seems as if it is something simple that I'm missing.

Could you please advise me on how to get it to record the audio?



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Peter Anderson

Hi George, 

Is it possible that it is picking up the sound, but the volume is so low that it's just inaudible? Are you previewing it before inserting it into your project, or after? If you insert a screen recording as step-by-step slides, any audio that you recorded with the screencast will not be used. This article has more information.

Otherwise, I'd recommend contacting our support team to see if they can help figure out what might be going on. Thanks!

George Chruney

Hi Peter,

Thank you for this answer, but it isn't that the volume was too low. When I was doing a screen simulation, and launching the video from the website I was capturing, there is no input for system audio. The only choices I have for the inputting of sound is a microphone. I have two choices for microphones, or I can have no audio. Screenr has a very similar recording window, but it gives me the option of capturing the system audio. So I ended up inserting the Screenr movie since I couldn't get SL to do it.

I *did* see that the audio is not used when doing a step-by-step screen capture. The mouse does not show up using that option either, right? (or is that a browser issue?) This is a shame, because when you just capture it as a movie, you can't zoom in afterwards or add call outs to it, can you?

Don't get me wrong- I love SL. It's just that I'm still learning how to do screen simulation training with it.



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