True/False does not give false feedback


I have a bunch of quiz slides with custom feedback and my True/False slides do not give incorrect feedback. When I create a new slide it is fine, but as soon as I export my text into the feedback form it stops giving the feedback. Same happens when I export similar type of slide from another course - it works until I export my data.  Could you advice please. Thanks!

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Tamara Tarasova

Hi Ashley,
Thanks for the follow up. I create a new True/False slide in the same document; go to form view, navigate to the slide where the feedback is not working, select the feedback, Ctrl+C, go back to the form of the newly created True/false, Ctrl+V. Same copying process when I export my old True/False slides from previous project with custom feedback where everything was working.  I work on local drive, though the file may have been opened from the shared drive by mistake before that and then resaved. Thank you for any suggestions.

Mike Enders


Just a thought (as I've also gotten tripped up by this before)....

When you say it doesn't appear, I'm guessing you mean on the feedback layer itself.  Could you check the feedback layers to see if the content is appearing there?  Also, on the same feedback layer, is the content set to begin at the start of the timeline?