True/False Variable: Change Object State upon Completion of Scene

Dec 06, 2013

I read this article, but the first example given isn't supported by instructions: 

  • Scene or slide completion: Adjust variable Section1 to true when user completes Slide 10.

I have four scenes that are accessed from buttons on a slide. I'd like the change the state of those buttons to completed/visited once the learner ideally visits all the slides in the scene. I didn't see a way to make that a condition to change the variable. I did try using the condition of changing the variable to true (and the trigger if variable is true, change state of object to visited) if the learner clicked the Continue button on the last slide of the scene (that slide is a question).

Is there a tutorial on this? How do I change button/object states once a learner completes a slide range/scene?



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Michael Hinze

I don't know if there is a tutorial for this specific issue, but maybe this example provides some insight: I had done this a while ago with seven sections. At the last slide of each section, a variable is set to true before returning to the main  menu. Back at the main menu, the state of the corresponding button is set to visited (you could also use a custom state, e.g. "completed") based on the value of the variable. Hope that gets you started.

Amy G.

Okay, still not working. I have three things:

  1. The true/false variable itself with default value of false
  2. The trigger on the last slide of a section that changes the value of the variable to true when the learner clicks the Next button
  3. The trigger on the main menu page that changes the state of the section graphic to visited if the variable value is true

Doesn't work. What am I doing wrong?



Heather Lalla

I know it's been awhile for this last post, but I'm have an issue with this..  I have SL360 and I am trying to know why my "completed" state show up after I click on it when I have a T/F variable and all of the other items on the list show "Completed" at the right time.  I have the same variable for each and in the same order.  I'm completely stumped on this.

To give you an idea..  I have a menu layer and 6 items in the menu.  I have a completed state on all items.  Once the next button is clicked on the last slide of the module the item on the menu should change to complete state with a check mark.

The first item on the list, however, show complete with check mark after I click on it and you haven't even completed the module.  I checked the slide with the "true" variable and it's just like the other slides.  The False variable is the same as the others as well and the order of the variables are the same.

Nothing looks off or different then each other.  Can someone help with this?


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