True/False Variable Won't Allow Slide to Advance

Dec 09, 2019


I am having some difficulty with a variable --at least I think that's what is causing the problem. I have several different items for learners to click on from the main slide which will reveal different layers. I added variables to each of these objects on the slide and set them to "false." When the user clicks each, I have a trigger to adjust the variable to "true." I don't want users to be able to advance to the next slide until they have viewed each object and therefore the corresponding layers.

My next button has a condition to advance if each object variable is = to true. However, when I test it it doesn't work. If anyone could provide any insight into what I may have done wrong that would be great. I tried the same method on several other slides part of this same course and it is working fine, but I must have done something wrong I guess?

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Tom Kuhlmann

What's interesting is that I tried to show you how to make this easier with visited states and not variables, but the SADT button has issues when it links to the SADT layer. Not sure what's going on. In either case, here's an easier way to do what you're doing without variables.

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