True/False variables & Slide Master Menu

Sep 02, 2016

Hello Storyline community! I am hoping you can help me figure something out. 

I created a slider menu (similar to one in this video), adding the menu to a custom slide in Slide Master. I added a Hover and Completed states to the menu text boxes, and set the Completed state to show when a variable changes to True (initial variable state is False). 

I added a trigger to change the variable to True on a slide, and while I can see the variable being adjusted in the reference text on the slide, the menu item (on the slide master) doesn't adjust to the Completed state. 

I've attached my .story file, and here's the module preview. Only the first menu item (About the Breed) currently works, and the variable trigger is embedded on the 2nd slide in the About the Breed scene.

Any help with this would be appreciated. 

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