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Jul 25, 2022

Multiple choice question. Feedback by choice. 2 attempts.

I've changed the button on the Try Again Feedback layer to say "Try Again." When I answer the question incorrectly, however, the button says "Continue." 

I (re)applied the Try Again Feedback layer, but it still says "Continue." The button at the Master Level still says "Button" (i.e. I haven't changed it there).

Any help? Thanks!

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Stephanie Pounds

Thanks for your reply, Wendy. 

Yes, I'm using all the layers. I basically want individualized "try again" feedback. And if they miss it twice, I want to give them the answer in the "Incorrect" layer.

I tried removing the custom Submit button, but I'm still getting the same results with the player submit--the Try Again layer appears when they get it wrong, but the button says Continue, instead of Try again. 

Using the player submit also brings up a new problem--I can't tell it to show the "Incorrect" layer if the Attempt.Count =2, because Attempt.Count isn't listed as an option. I know I could set up my own count (e.g. "Tries"), but I'm trying to use as much of the built-in capability as possible.

Jose Tansengco

Hi Stephanie, 

A quick look at your project file shows that the 'Try Again' layer is unused.

You also have the feedback option set to 'By Choice', while the 'Try Again' layer is only visible when using the 'By Question' option. Here's an article which explains the differences between the two options. 

If you'd like to use the 'Try Again' layer, please use the 'By Question' option. instead, and redesign the 'Try Again' layer to show content depending on which option was selected. 

Jose Tansengco

Hi Stephanie, 

There is no way to give feedback per option if you use the 'By Question' option. I only suggested using this because doing so will allow you to use the 'Try Again' layer for your question slide. 

No worries though, because you can still make it work! Since you want to display feedback 'By Choice', you can design your 'Try Again' layer to display text depending on which option was selected. You can do so by using a combination of variables and states. I've attached a demo file so you can see this solution in action. 

Let me know if you have any questions!

Stephanie Pounds

Thanks, Joe! This is very helpful!

I think I've set mine up like yours (using a rectangle and states for the try again feedback text), but I still don't see the 'Try Again' button on the 'Try Again' layer. What have I set up wrong?


p.s. I am still using a Submit button instead of the player button if that makes a difference.