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May 13, 2019


I know how to limit the attempts to 3 whenever there is text to input via the Question Tools design, but is there a way to limit the amount of tries whenever you are asking them to click on an area of the screen? Like a trigger to move to the next slide after 3 attempts- just how do you limit the number of tries?


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Jem Janik

Hi Janine!

Are you familiar with variables in Storyline? 

You can add a variable called some like Attempt or Attempt tracker by default set 1 to track the attempt the learner is currently on. 

On the try again layer you can add a trigger before the current hide this layer trigger that Adds 1 to the variable when the learner clicks the try again button. 

Then you can make an extra layer called something like no more attempts. It can have a message indicating the answer is incorrect and there are no more attempts. It has triggers to hide the layer and move to the next slide when the user clicks a button.  I suggest labeling it Continue to be consistent with how the attempt layers work when inserting questions. 

Then you can edit your condition to show the layer try again if Attempt is less than the maximum. 

Similarly you add a trigger to show your no more attempts layer when the learner clicks outside of the hotspot, and Attempt is greater than or equal to the max.

If any of that is not fully clear please let me know.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michele,

Could you share a bit more about what you are looking to create? That would help me understand what you mean by 'multiple screens'.

Manually adding variables for attempts is only needed for a custom set-up. If you were asking users to click on a screen but wanted to limit the attempts, you could use a Freeform Hotspot question.

A sample is attached.

Michele Miner

Hi Leslie,

I have a course that is a screen recording of a system and they have to click on the screen to answer the question.  I want them to only have two tries on each screen, so I created a variable named Attempt and put a count on it.  The first time they get it wrong, a layer displays saying they have one more try.  When they reach the max number, it displays a layer that tells them the answer and then moves on.

I think I have to create a variable for each question.  Is that correct?  So for Q1, I have Attempt, For Q2, I have Attempt1, etc.

Is that correct?


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