Try Mode, Step-by-Step problems

Jul 08, 2016

Recently, within the last 2-3 weeks, whenever I do a screen recording and insert the recording as "Step-by-step slides" in "Try Mode Steps", I encounter a frustrating issue. Traditionally, when I have done this in the past (I have used this method to create software simulations hundreds of times), the slides would be inserted with a hotspot and a trigger to jump to next slide or play media when hotspot is clicked. Now, the hotspot doesn't have any triggers associated with it and the page will jump to the next slide when media completes. This does not make any sense when inserting something as a step-by-step try mode simulation. Does anyone know if this changed as a result of an update? Is there anyway to make sure this can be reverted back so this interaction is more of a true step-by-step simulation? I can still get this to work fine, but it is more work and does not seem to make much logical sense for Storyline to behave in this way. Thank you.

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