Try mode, step-by-step won't load


I have been trying to insert a recording I have done simulation some software. This has been recorded and saved within SL 360. When I go to Slides>Record Screen and try to insert the video from the library I cannot get the Try mode to work if I want the step-by-step option. It looks like it is loading but then never appears in the file (see pic).

I can get it to load on a single screen or as test mode but just not the try option that I really need. Is this a known bug or is there any way to get around this? 

I have an urgent job to get out today that I need this tool for :( Otherwise it is going to have to be mocked up using a LOT of screenshots and triggers. Eek

Thank you, 



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Helen! 

Yikes, we definitely don't want you creating your own Try Mode slides by hand! Let's see what we can do to help.

First, let's do a fresh installation of Storyline 360. Then if you're still getting stuck, share your file with our team here. We'll do some further testing and let you know what we find!