Recorded Video Files in Articulate Storyline

Mar 13, 2014

Do I have to record the video again if I want a different option than the first one? In another words, if I inserted the video as a SINGLE slide, do I have to record the video again if I would also like to have the Step-by-step slides"?

After completing the recording of a softward demonstration, the choices are to insert as either "video on a single slide" or "Step-by-step slides" with three more options "View mode steps", "Try mode steps", and "Test mode steps".

If I need more than one mode of this one video for different purposes, all of the modes (See It, Try It, and Test It), do I need to record the video three times?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Li and welcome to Heroes! 

You don't need to rerecord, you can insert the video again and choose a different option. On the "record screen" button you'll see a small arrow, if you click that you'll see a list of all the recordings currently in your project. You can click on the one you'd like to use and you'll be prompted through all the options on how you'd like to insert it again. This is further described about half way through this tutorial. 

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