Try slides

Hi all

I have created some Try slides for a smallish project but find that the video "jolts" - this seems to happen when the slides change.

Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening and how I can stop it?  I have tried to use the Action Fine Tuning function, but I don't seem to have got it right.

Please note this is a very draft scene and there are loads of other things I need to rectify!

Many thanks for your help as always.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Tina, I'd be happy to help you sort this out. First, what version of Storyline are you using?

You can find this detail by going to Help >> About Storyline. You should see the version and update number there. 

Also, does this problem happen when you're previewing in Storyline, or only when you view the published course in a web browser?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tina,

I took a Peek recording as I navigated through your slides, and it looked like things were working normally for me. I saw the slide background change slightly, and I suspect based on what was showing on the screen if you had edited parts out. Is that the blip or jolts you're referring too?