Trying something different with scoring an MCQ

Apr 01, 2014

(Newbie alert)

Is anyone able to help me? I want to create a multiple choice question in which answers are scored on a sliding scale. Not just one right answer and several wrong ones. I want users to be able to select only one answer, but score 4 points for answer A, 3 points for answer B, 2 for answer C and 0 for answer D. I need the score to be included in the running total for a 20 question quiz.

It may be that I need to get clever with one of the other quiz templates, because the MCQ template doesn't seem to allow it.

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Karyn Romeis

Off the back of this, I'd like to ask a related question, if I may. 

Is there a way to achieve a similar effect with a multi select? So for example, if the question is something along the lines of  'which of the following have you achieved?' and there's a point for each one selected, with the slide total going towards the overall score.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Karyn,

A multiple response or a pick many doesn't have an option to score by choice, but I've seen other users here in the community who set this up in a more custom way using a variable that is adjusted (added to/subtracted) based on which items the user clicks on and you'll need to report the value of that variable to a question slide to be able to report it to your results slide. 

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