Trying to create a course where users can save progress and return

The course I'm working on is pretty lengthy, so I'd like users to be able to save their progress (i.e., by clicking a save button) and then return to the course later by logging in with a unique username.  Ideally, once the user logs in, they'll be taken to the slide where they left off.  I'm pretty new at this--this is only my second Storyline creation--so any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sarah,

It looks like Michael and Brett are helping you out here, and I also wanted to point you to a cool example about how to have the user click a "save" button (this is specific to states on a slide) and depending on your user's you may want to incorporate something similar so that they feel like they're saving instead of just exiting the course (which the resume prompt is enabled, will bring them back to where they left off). 

Eric Isaksson

I have a similar but at bit more complicated issue.

My course will be uploaded to an LMS-system where the learners will have to log in to access the course. 

I want their progress to be saved so that they may leave the course and return at a later time without having to start from the beginning. The solution mentioned above wont solve my problem however, as they may very well use another computer. I need their progress to be linked to their unique account in the LMS-system. 

Is this doable with Scorm or Tin Can Api or some other solution?

Steve McAneney

Eric, Hi. 

Have a look at the tutorial Michael Hinze has linked to. 

It covers what settings to use when using an LMS. The location of the course can be recorded by the LMS so the user can resume from the same place using any computer (this is pretty much industry standard). Hope you get on alright.