Trying to figure out this Check Mark interaction with Correct and Incorrect feedback

Jul 05, 2016

Hi all! First time poster on these forums. Hoping you guys can help me out!

I can't show you what I'm actually working on, but I made a replica in another storyline file, which you can download from my dropbox:

Basically, users click the checkmarks, submit their answers, and are given either Correct or Incorrect, Try Again feedback.

"Select the colors in this cat's fur."

- Yellow

- Green

- Purple

- White

Correct: Yellow & White (exactly)

Incorrect: If Green and/or Purple are selected, it is wrong. If either Yellow or White are not selected, it is wrong.

So I'm using Normal/Selected states. When the user clicks "Submit Answer," it checks to see which colors are NORMAL and which are SELECTED, then shows either the Correct or Incorrect layer.


I'm using "OR" conditions for the Try Again layer (yellow is normal or white is normal), and I am using "AND" conditions for the Correct layer (yellow is selected, and white is selected, and purple is normal, and green is normal).

Anyway, it doesn't seem to work entirely. If you select Yellow and Green, it shows "Incorrect," which is good. But if you select Yellow and White, but then also select Green, it still opens the "Correct" layer, even though "Green" is "Selected" - and my trigger clearly states "AND GREEN IS NORMAL" in order for the Correct layer to appear. Because the cat is not yellow, white, and green. It is only yellow and white.

Anyone know why this is happening?

Thanks so much!

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Stefanie Lawless

Hi Lauren! Storyline actually already has the functionality built-in using the Multiple Response question. No need for you to create any triggers since Storyline creates the triggers and layers for you! Check out this "How-To" article here:

I've attached your example using the quiz option. (LOVE THE KITTY!)


Ron Price

Storyline will build the exact interactivity you are looking for - even create the selected states for you  - if you convert this to a Free Form Question.  Insert>Convert to Freeform>Pick Many

Once it builds the  interactivity and the layers, you can edit them to look any way you like.  You remove the Submit button in Slide properties and still use your button to check answer.

See attachment

Lauren Adamson

Thanks for the responses! Is there any way I can avoid using the multiple response question? This Check Mark interaction I am working on is actually appearing on a Layer, as part of a branching scenario, on top of a multiple-choice question. Luckily, the check marks don't need to be recorded for anything, but rather there as a self-check. 

Stefanie Lawless

Gotcha! I would still say that jumping to a new slide is your best bet. You would have to have a trigger for all possibilities. Your trigger that states: If Green is Selected; OR Purple is Selected; OR White is Normal; OR Yellow is Normal, doesn't take into account if they selected White only. Or if they selected White and Green, etc. 

And to the learner, they don't even have to know they're jumping to a new slide if that's a could do your branching from within that Multiple Choice question you mentioned. 

I hope I'm understanding your question correctly and giving you information back that makes sense!

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