turn off line smoothing?

Aug 03, 2017

Is this a thing we can do. I'm trying to draw a curved line on a graph. When clicking the points the line curves over where I want as it should but when I double click to end the line it jumps into a completely different position that isn't nearly what I want. Any suggestions?

correct while drawing

wrong after finished line

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Bruce!

There isn't a way to edit the points for a curved line in Storyline, but I have seen this done using the curved line tool in PowerPoint.

As a temporary solution, if you have access to PowerPoint, you could create your curve and modify it in PowerPoint. Once you're done, right-click the shape and save it as an image. Then insert that image into your Storyline slide. 

If you'd like to see this added to a future version of Storyline, you're welcome to share your suggestion with our development team! 

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