Turned off Previous and Next and they still Show Up

Feb 11, 2014


When I try to complete the quiz portion of this training, I have noticed the following when using the arrow buttons on the tablet:

1.      If I hit the arrow to return to the previous question, Next and Previous show up on the player

2.      If I get an answer correct, click Continue, and press the arrow to go to the previous question, when I come back to the correctly answered question the arrow doesn’t forward me to the next question.  I can go to the next slide when I click the next button the player.

3.     If I get the answer incorrect, click Continue, and press the arrow to go the previous question, when I come back to the incorrectly answered question, the arrow causes the feedback window to appear.  You are able to continue through the quiz.

I have checked the feedback branching properties.  They are the same for the correct and incorrect answers; they go to the next slide.  Also, I am not sure why the Next and Previous buttons show up when I visit a previous question.  I have them turned off. 

Are there any other places the properties are set?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sheri,

This is expected behavior currently as Storyline is assuming that after you've answered the question, and you navigate back the the previously answered questions you'll need to use the prev/next buttons to continue navigating. Since you've included some built in buttons, you may want to look at disabling all the player elements to allow the user to navigate using only your on screen buttons. Also, I saw that you had two triggers set up to submit the interaction, one associated with the "next" arrow and one with the built in Submit button. You only would need one of these.

If you'd like to see future feature that would allow you disable all of the Storyline navigation when you've set up some custom animation can you share that in the form of a feature request with our product development team? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sheri,

You'd need to remove on the individual slides Previous, Next and Submit. I'd also suggest elements such as the seekbar or volume controls (as they occupy the same level as the previous/next buttons). It's a bit like creating the chromeless player here.  You may also want to look into the placement of your current navigation buttons, as if you were to do the Quiz Review, the review bar will cover them and then users won't be able to navigate. 

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