Tweak the orientation of an object at the end of a motion path?

May 19, 2019

I've been trying to find a way to fine-tune this, and haven't yet found a solution.

I have a cyclist graphic making a weaving route in an animation, and want to have it end up pointing straight ahead. If I create the motion path, and it's somewhat angled at the end, do I have to start the whole thing again, or can I rotate it?

The 'rotate' feature seems to rotate the whole path, and not the end position of the graphic.

Any suggestions?


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Allan,

That's a great question! I found a solution for you in an article written by one of our E-Learning Heroes. 

I would zero in on the "Position Controls" in the article to fix the angled motion path in your project. Good news, you won't have to start again!

Best of luck on your project!

Allan Dunlop

Thanks, Lauren!

For some reason, I'm not seeing the option the article describes.

Here's what I get when I select the animation in question. There is no dropdown menu item for rotation, Instead, there's a 'rotate' handle, as seen in the first attachment.

Is there something I'm missing here? 

Nick Soave


I'd like to resurrect this thread because I am trying to find a way to make a game piece in a board game reorient itself to its base level once it gets to the end of a motion path that's been given "Orient Shape to Path" option. 

The attachment shows the surfer pitched 90 degrees because of this and I wanted to know a way to get it to reorient to its base level before the next action occurs on screen.

Note that I'd like the piece to reorient itself BEFORE its next path.

Thanks, I hope someone can help.