Two Line Title

Jan 12, 2021

You want TWO LINES for your Course Title?

  1. In your player Add your Title text with a pipe inbetween the first and second line - like this: First Line | Second Line

  2. In the Slide Master (master slide) add a slide trigger to execute javascript when the timeline starts on this slide. Add THIS script into the text box:

    //this looks for elements on the player
    var bob = document.getElementsByClassName("view-content");

    //this loops thru all of the returned elements
    //to find the element that contains the class
    for (var i = 0; i < bob.length; i++) {

    //if it finds a match
    if ( bob[i].parentElement.classList.contains( "cs-title" )) {

    if( bob[i].textContent.indexOf( "|" ) != -1){

    var lineArray = bob[i].textContent.split("|");
    var line1 = lineArray[0].trim();
    var line2 = lineArray[1].trim();

    bob[i].textContent = line1;
    bob[i].innerHTML += '<br/>' + line2;
    bob[i].style.textAlign = "left";


    //then we break out of the loop

    Publish as usual and view. You will have two lines instead of one.
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