Typing effect animation?

Mar 07, 2013

I'm doing a tutorial about keywords, and I'd like to add a 'typing effect' animation to liven things up (i.e., I'd like the letters to appear one at a time, left-to-right).  Has anyone accomplished this?  

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Garth Yorko

Here is one that changes the state of the letters when the corresponding letters on the keyboard are pressed.  This a little thought, you could make this into a hangman game, too

Not sure if you want that or you want to animate the letters appearing without a keyboard interaction.

The layer I created uses the timeline to staggger the appearance of the letters if you want the latter.

Rebecca Shamblin

Wow, that's neat, Garth!  It's not actually what I'm aiming at here, but very cool

I just want to animate the letters without keyboard interaction - like the user was watching me type.  I'm trying to spruce up a demonstration that's really just text and not visually interesting.

Zara, did you have entire words appear at once, or one letter at a time?

Gayle Monroe

One way I accomplished this was by adding the Wipe animation to the text box, from left to right. Set the duration to a fairly slow speed (mine was 2 seconds). Then add a typing sound effect. It's not perfect, but it's quick and easy, and if you're simply looking for that typing effect on screen, this should do the trick.  I'm still really surprised that they haven't added this feature into SL2.

Amy Lewis

I've been able to simulate the effect by inserting a line break (hit enter) between each line, then animate the text box to wipe from the left "By Paragraph" so that each line wipes in separately.  It's not perfect since each letter doesn't pop in as a unit but rather wipes in, but it's really close for the minimal effort required.  Add a typing audio track and I don't think anyone would notice the difference.

Bill Ferris

This was an inelegant solution, but it did the job for me. I created a screen recording of me typing in MIcrosoft Word. I sized the capture window as small as I could. Storyline created a video slide from the recording. I then opened the video slide, copied the screen capture itself, and pasted it where I needed it. I then cropped the video a bit to fit it to the right size. A little extra work, but overall it was fairly simple.