Unable to Add Captions to Storyline 360 Project

Oct 30, 2023

I am working on a new Storyline project and have included audio recorded directly in the software. When I go to add captions, the screen just gives me those three little "thinking" dots and I'm unable to actually do anything with the audio. It seems like no matter which project I'm working on it does this to me.

I've reached out to support a number of times and completely wiped my computer of Articulate and all my associated files, redownloaded the newest version of Articulate, and I'm still having issues getting captions to work for me. Has anyone else experienced something similar? And if so, were you able to get it fixed?

I have attached a recording of what I'm experiencing. This activity occurs on saved projects as well as new projects and with existing audio and imported audio. Not being able to add captions to make my training accessible is a huge issue for me. 

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Nedim Ramic

It appears the audio is not getting loaded at all. I just recorded audio in Storyline and I was able to add captions. My recorded audio is fully loaded and I also have option to add captions. Does the same issue occur when you import another audio file? I recorded and attached a short video tutorial. 

CaRin Wells

Hi Nedim, 

Thanks for your response! Your observation is correct  in that the audio is not loading. No matter if I add audio through Articulate or upload an external file the audio will not load in the Closed Caption editor to allow me to include the captions in the training. 

Unfortunately, I have not received response to my most recent support email and support ticket so I am hoping someone in this community has experienced this issue before and can help me solve it. 

Steven Benassi

Hi CaRin!

I'm so sorry to hear the e-mails from our support engineers are not being received!

I took a look at your case, being handled by my colleague John Carlo, and noticed that he reached out to you on 10/30/2023 at 3:02 PM. Can you please confirm the e-mail hasn't been diverted to a SPAM folder by mistake?

In the meantime, I'll resend the latest message from John Carlo and will notify him of this hiccup.

Apologies if this has been slowing you down!

CaRin Wells

Hi Steven, 

Thank you for reaching out!

Unfortunately, I do not have an email from John Carlo in my inbox or spam folders. The last email I have from support was received on 10/24 at 6:35pm from Robert de la Cuesta with a test file for me to use for additional troubleshooting. That file provided me an error message when attempting to import into Storyline 360, which is why I reached out again and was advised to clear my computer of Articulate and any associated files. This issue is still happening and so I am at a bit of a stand still until it can be resolved. 

Any support that can be provided would be extremely appreciated! 

Luciana Piazza

Hi CaRin, 

Thanks so much for the update. Sorry to hear you're unable to receive the emails. I've spoken with John Carlo and, with his permission, would like to share his reply with you so that we can continue to assist you. Here is his email: 

I'm sorry to hear about the issues you're experiencing with the Closed Captions editor for audio files. I'll do my best to help.

I reviewed your file, and it seems that the issue is not specific to it, as I can access the Closed Captions editor as shown here: https://app.screencast.com/BujQsqcQ7GZ8U

First, be sure you're working on your local hard drive (typically your C: drive) when creating, editing, and publishing Storyline courses. Working on a network drive or a USB drive can cause erratic behavior, such as file corruption or an inability to save changes. See the following article for more information and tips.


If you're already doing this, check if you have any other programs running in the background. Try disabling them one at a time, including security apps, to isolate the issue further. (This is just for testing.) If it works after disabling an app, we can troubleshoot by focusing on that app.

If the issue persists, I'd like to look at the Articulate 360 logs from your computer to find out what's happening. I'll delete them when I'm done troubleshooting. This article explains how to export the logs to a zip file on your desktop: https://articulate.com/support/article/Articulate-360-How-to-Run-Diagnostics#export-logs

Then you can upload the zip file to me privately here: https://www.articulate.com/support/upload/case?ref:_00D30Txo._5004y2TwVhY:ref

This article describes what's included with your log files and what we do with the data: https://articulate.com/support/article/Articulate-360-Logs-and-Your-Privacy

I'll review your log files and get back to you as quickly as possible.

Any questions, just let us know in this thread! Looking forward to hearing from you! ✨